About ShopQuery


ShopQuery Team

Just a couple of Kiwi consumers determined to help others find the best deals and offers on the goods and services they need.

Hi, I’m Adam and that’s my sister, Emma. It might be ironic to say that we intensely dislike shopping and yet we started a shopping blog. But that’s the truth.

We both like to spend as little time as possible buying stuff. That means we do a ton of online research and price comparison and reading every single reddit thread we can before we step into a shop.

We started Shopquery.co.nz to help you shop better in less time.

Based in the beautiful South Island of New Zealand, we hope to build shopquery.co.nz into a helpful and informative guide to spending less time shopping.

You can get in touch with us with suggestions or ideas for articles at shopquerynz (at) gmail.com.